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The Kids Health WA website has been established to provide online access to the PMH Emergency Department Clinical Guidelines.  The aim of this project is to provide a widely accessible and easily searchable access point for all health care providers, not just throughout WA, but all of Australia and the world.


Until recently, PMH Emergency Department’s clinical guidelines have only been accessible on our internal WA Health website.  This has meant that practitioners throughout WA who did not have access to this site were unable to view the guidelines.  A recent survey of health care providers such as GP’s, nurses throughout WA, Royal Flying Doctors Service and those working in private hospital Emergency Departments showed that all these groups were keen to be able to access the guidelines used by PMH Emergency Department staff.

Within the  PMH Emergency Department, we have established a Guidelines Team to work on this project.  The team consists of Emergency Department Consultants and two Senior Project Officers, with involvement by nursing staff, Pharmacy and other departments within the hospital as required.

You will find at present that many of the guidelines are in their original PDF format.  We have put them up in the interim, so that they can at least be found via the search function on this site.  Our Guidelines Team are working towards updating all guidelines and converting them to the “new look” webpages over the next 24 months.

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