Paediatric Acute care Guidelines PMH Emergency Department


  • The PMH Haematology Transfusion Medicine Protocols has information about:
    • Prescribing Blood Components
    • Requests for Pre-Transfusion Testing
    • Urgent and Emergency Blood Transfusion Requests
    • Issue of Blood Components During Normal Working Hours
    • The Issue of Blood Components from the PMH Transfusion Medicine Unit Outside Normal Hours
    • Checklist before a blood product is issued by / collected from the transfusion medicine unit or satellite refrigerator
    • Pre-transfusion Bedside checks
    • Administration of Blood Components
    • Care and Monitoring of Transfused Patients
    • Documenting the Transfusion
    • The Management and Reporting of Adverse Events
    • Fresh Blood Components
    • Plasma Derived Blood Components and Synthetic/Recombinant Products
    • Directed Donation Policy
    • Receiving Blood With a Patient Transfer


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