Paediatric Acute care Guidelines PMH Emergency Department
  • This guideline refers to the policies and procedures to be followed in the event of the death of a child.
  • Please note all the links are internal PMH links at this stage (we are working on enabling broader distribution)

Policy or procedure

  • Death Notification Form – At the time of death, PMH medical staff must fully complete a Death Notification Form MR 101, as this provides direction regarding documentation, coronial and other reporting requirements  (At PMH ED this is located in the file in the Consultant’s office).
  • The Department of Health WA, with the input of the State Coronial Office have developed a generic Death in Hospital Form to provide a summary or checklist of the key statutory and mandatory reporting obligations – this can be used by all other hospitals.
  • Coronial Investigation –For more details,  refer to:
    • Coronial Matters CAHS Policy 1.41
    • In the event of a Coronial Investigation, WA Police may request a copy of the current/relevant medical records. The Police Officer collecting the copied medical records must sign a “Receipt of Medical Records” form. This form is located on page 6 of Coronial Matters CAHS Policy 1.41
  • Death Certificates – are not usually completed when children die, and should only be done by the Consultant Paediatrician who is responsible for the care of the child. Discuss with the on call Emergency Department Consultant if you have any concerns.
  • Organ and/or Tissue Donation –  May be discussed by the Coronial Investigation Unit First Response Team.  For information  see Tissue Donation
  • WA Vaccine Safety Surveillance (WAVSS)
    • Determine if the child has had a vaccination in the past 14 days
    • If so, a WAVSS : Adverse Reaction Reporting Form needs to be completed

Communication and paperwork

Death Notification Form – At the time of death medical staff must complete a Death Notification Form MR 101.

Police Contact Details: 

Coroners Office:  
Phone:  9425 2900
Fax :     9425 2901

Coronial Investigation Unit:
Phone:  9267 5700 (0600 to 0200 hours)
Fax:      9267 5755

After hours:
Phone:  131444 (from 0200 – 0600 hours)
Police Communications will contact the on-call officer

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