Paediatric Acute care Guidelines PMH Emergency Department
  • All admissions to the Neonatal Unit (6B) should be discussed with the on call Neonatal Fellow or Consultant
  • The Consultant can be reached via switchboard on their mobile
  • The Neonatal Senior Registrar’s pager number is: 8448
  • The Neonatal Registrar’s pager number is: 8600
  • Neonatal Unit/Ward 6B phone number: ext 8448 or 8515

Admission Criteria For Neonatal Unit / Ward 6B

  • NETS transports to PMH of newborn babies (that have never been home) from their hospital of birth
  • Newborn term babies < 8 days old
  • Term babies > 7 days and < 28 days of age from birth or preterm babies < 40 weeks corrected gestational age who require:
    • Respiratory support (ventilation or CPAP)
    • Major surgery
  • Term babies < 8 days old or preterm babies < 41 weeks corrected gestational age who have:
    • A viral respiratory illness that requires respiratory support (ventilation or CPAP)


The Newborn Emergency Transport Service (NETS WA) is a mobile intensive care unit responsible for the retrieval and safe transportation of around 850 preterm or sick newborns and young infants from throughout Western Australia to Perth. Such babies require intensive care or complex investigations in a tertiary hospital and such facilities are lacking in outer metropolitan, regional and remote centres. NETS also performs around 450 back-transfers, and offers telephone advice to referring doctors, nurses and midwives state-wide. NETS provides 2 teams of specialist neonatal-trained doctors and nurses 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. It works in conjunction with St John Ambulance and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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PMH ED Guidelines:  Admission – Neonatal – Last Updated September


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