Paediatric Acute care Guidelines PMH Emergency Department
Fracture Clinic
  • Give purple ‘Orthopaedic Outpatient Appointment’ card to parent and advise to ring after 1200 the next working day


  • Complete white ‘Request for Appointment’ form and give to the ED Ward clerk
  • Seen in Fracture Clinic, Level 5 

Orthopaedic Outpatient AppointmentCard                            Request for Appointment Card

Fracture Clinic Times 
Monday 1330 – 1530
Tuesday 1330 – 1530
Wednesday (Week 1)        0830 – 1030
Wednesday (Week 2)        1300 – 1430
Thursday (Week 1) No clinic
Thursday (Week 2) 0830 -1030
Friday 0830 – 1430


Burns Clinics
  • Discuss with Burns Registrar 
  • Call Burns Coordinator on extension 8257 – who will provide an appointment time and date and can also provide information on pre appointment analgesia preparation
  • Provide white appointment card with details and analgesia advice
  • Seen on the Burns Ward (5B) – including public holidays and weekends
Plastic Dressing Clinic
  • Determine appointment timeframe after ED presentation as per appropriate guideline e.g. Fractures – Quick Reference or after discussion with Plastics Registrar
  • ED clerical staff to make an on the spot Plastics Dressing Clinic appointment 
    • Overbooked or ad-hoc appointments are not permitted
  • A white “Appointment Card” will be provided by the ED clerical staff to the patient/carer prior to ED discharge
  • Clinics are held on weekdays (excluding public holidays), providing medical staff are available 
Plastic Dressing Clinic Times
Monday 0900 – 1100
Tuesday 0830 – 1100
Wednesday 0830 – 1100
Thursday 0830 – 1100
Friday 1030 – 1100


All Other Outpatient Referrals
  • All other appointments need to be referred
  • Advise parents that the referral will be assessed and Outpatients will call the parents or post an appointment letter to advise of an appointment time
  • Please do not ask the parent to turn up at the clinic without a booked appointment  
  • Parents can call Outpatient Direct on 1300 855 275 after 1300 the next business day to source appointment details

Referral Process:

  • Require a Paediatric Referral Form
    • Needs to be signed off by an ED Consultant, preferably before discussion with family as often follow-up can be done peripherally. Obtain ED Consultants signature if in hours. If after hours discuss with the consultant at 0800. 
    • Attach paediatric referral form to buff chart and give to the ED Ward Clerk
    • Inform parents that they will be contacted by the Outpatients Department a month or so prior to the appointment

Local Contact Information



External Review: Stephanie Downie (Acting Inpatient/Outpatient Coordinator) 

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