Paediatric Acute care Guidelines PMH Emergency Department
  • Request for admission to the PICU must be made through the PICU Registrar or Consultant (if the registrar is unavailable)
  • The ultimate decision for admission to the unit rests with the PICU Consultant
  • If the admission is one of a medical nature then the Medical Consultant who will provide ongoing care of the patient should be notified by ED Doctor at the time of the PICU admission
  • For joint PICU /surgical admissions, the appropriate team Registrar will notify the Surgical Consultant

PICU Admissions – Direct transfers from other hospitals


  • All patients that have been intubated prior to transfer to PMH will be received directly in the PICU
  • ED will not be involved in the pre-hospital management of these patients unless asked to by the PICU medical staff
  • If ED is notified prior to the PICU of such a patient then the referring team must be redirected to the PICU Registrar/Consultant so they can provide pre-hospital advice
  • However, stabilisation in ED of the ventilated patient may be required if there has been an acute deterioration during the transport

Not Intubated:

  • PICU will also accept, at their discretion, other direct patients as discussed with the referring teams (e.g. patients with Diabetic Ketoacidosis already on insulin infusions and toxicology patients requiring PICU observation)
  • If the PICU has provided pre-hospital advice and have accepted the patient for ongoing care they will be considered a direct admission
  • The ED will provide an emergency review if the patient has acutely deteriorated during the transport

PICU Admissions – from the Emergency Department

  • If the ED is informed in advance of the arrival of a patient who is likely to need the facilities of the PICU, the PICU Registrar or Consultant should be notified to enable preparations to be made
  • If, on arrival, the patient does not require intensive care, advise the PICU
  • All patients that require or are thought to require admission to PICU must be discussed with the Emergency Consultant (in ED or on call) at the time of assessment
  • The PICU registrar should be notified as early as possible regarding any probable admissions
  • The PICU registrar will provide a review, usually in ED
  • The decision to admit to PICU rests with the PICU Consultant
  • Patients requiring care greater than that provided by a general medical or surgical ward will be accepted by PICU for stabilisation until transfer to the ward, unless that stabilisation will be achieved within 4 hours of presentation (in which case can remain in the ED)
  • If a PICU bed is unavailable then the patient will stay in ED until a bed is available

Local contact information (hospital specific)

  • PICU Consultant: on their mobile via switchboard
  • PICU Phone Numbers: ext 8165 or 8164
  • PICU Registrar Pager: 2021


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