Paediatric Acute care Guidelines PMH Emergency Department



This Guideline contains PDF documents which provide instructions for preparation and administration of medications both stat and infusion (via peripheral, intra osseous and central venous access) for:

Anticonvulsant Infusions 

Inotrope Infusions

Seizure Tray 

Intubation Tray

Arrest Tray


NOTE: This page is accessible to PMH staff only


PMH ED Guideline – Resuscitation Medications and Infusions:  Updated August 2014
PMH ICU Drug File – Last reviewed December 2012
Shann, F. Drug Doses (2010) 15th Edition
The Extra Pharmacopoeia 35th Edition (2007)
Paediatric Dosage Handbook International 17th Edition (2011)
EMIMS 2012
Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook 5th Edition (2011)
E/Clinical Pharmacology 2012



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