Paediatric Acute care Guidelines PMH Emergency Department
  • Ensure adequate analgesia is provided before imaging
  • Nearly all radiological examinations requested should have at least two views at 90 degrees to each other
    • The standard is an anteroposterior (AP) and a lateral view of the anatomy requested
  • Comparative images are not routinely taken


Policy or procedure

Please ensure that radiology request forms are clearly legible (including requesting clinician name) and contain sufficient clinical information to guide radiological assessment (to answer the clinical question posed).

Upper Limb Request Forms

  Standard view provided by radiology Notes
Shoulder AP and lateral Axial shoulder view as required after discussion with Radiologist
Clavicle AP view of clavicle View with cranial angulation included if no visible fracture on AP
Humerus AP and lateral  
Elbow AP and lateral If radial head involved then an oblique to demonstrate radial head
Forearm AP and lateral (including both elbow and wrist joints) Specifically request wrist or elbow if required; as image of entire forearm will distort these joints
Scaphoid PA and lateral wrist, with two specific views of the scaphoid – oblique and 25 degree cranial view  
Wrist PA and lateral This will include carpal bones and distal third of forearm
Hand PA and lateral  
Finger PA, oblique and lateral (of affected finger)  


Lower Limb Request Forms

  Standard view provided by radiology Notes
Pelvis AP pelvis
Lateral hip
First presentation includes lateral view of both hips
Frog leg view for younger children
True lateral for slipped upper femoral epiphysis (SUFE)
Hip AP and lateral of affected side  
Femur AP and lateral  
Knee AP and lateral If patella is at risk of injury then skyline view included
Obliques or intercondylar views to demonstrate tibial eminence
Tibia/Fibia AP and lateral  
Ankle AP, mortise and lateral  
Foot Dorsopalmar (DP), oblique and lateral  




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