Paediatric Acute care Guidelines PMH Emergency Department


  • Every ultrasound user should have training in cleaning the ultrasound probe before use
  • Once a week the probe should be disinfected using Tristel wipes by a designated person
  • Tristel wipes are one of the brands recommended by the WA Health Department


  • Probe used on closed skin only = use soap and water
  • Probe has been in contact with blood, body fluid, broken skin = use soap and water + Tristel wipes



Positioning and technique

1. Cleaning the transducer (probe)

  • Do not use alcohol wipes as they may degrade the probe heads

1.1 For procedures involving closed skin (without blood or body fluid contact)

  • The probe must be washed after using it
  • Wash off any gel as soon as possible after use (before the gel dries)
  • Hold the probe under running tap water and clean thoroughly with hand soap
  • Wipe the probe dry with paper towel after cleaning

1.2 If the probe comes in contact with blood, body fluid or broken skin

  • Clean the probe as above
  • Then use the Tristel wipes to disinfect the probe

2. Disinfecting the probe with Tristel Wipes

  • Quick and easy – 2 minutes
  • Tristel wipes – a three part system
Tristel wipes 1. Pre-clean wipe
2. Sporicidal wipe
3. Rinse wipe


2.1 Tristel wipe cleaning process:

  • Clean the probe, then the probe cord with the Pre-clean wipe
  • Open the Spirocidal wipe, spray 2 squirts of Tristel foam onto the wipe and scrunch it throughly for 15 secs
  • Wipe the probe and then the probe cord for 30 secs with the Spirocidal wipe
  • Wipe the probe then the probe cord with the Rinse wipe
  • Complete the Audit Trail Book (located in the consultant office) by placing the audit tracking stickers from the Sporicidal wipe packaging into the audit book with the time and date of disinfection. Also place a patient label sticker on the space provided.





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