Feedback on Your Comments

Hi everyone,

Thank you for using our site and providing us with some feedback.  This section will now provide some responses to your comments and requests, as we are unable to reply to each of you personally.  We thank you for your patience whilst we are developing the site.  The look and feel will also change soon, at the same time as we are working on the content.

  1. Croup (29/11/13) – We agree that the reference list is a little long.  This is being reviewed and updated.
  2. Fractures (30/11/13) – The newly updated Fractures guideline will be available in the near future.  In the meantime, some documents and information sheets are available on the “Fractures Overview” page.
  3. Resources (12/12/13) – Calculators not printing.  If you go to your printer settings and choose “Shrink page to fit”, it will then fit on one page.  Your request for a calculator to estimate dehydration in children has been passed on to the Clinical Lead  – a table to assist in estimating dehydration can be found on the gastroenteritis guideline.
  4. “Browse all” (17/12/13) – This page is still under development, and will eventually have an A-Z list of all guidelines.  It was planned to have this page by mid 2014, however we will now accelerate the plan and have the page functioning early in the new year.
  5. Search terms (17/12/2013) – the search function for the site is quite comprehensive, but also quite sensitive.  It is better to search for one word (e.g. Asthma), rather than a whole phrase or the title you think the guideline might be saved under.   Once the A-Z listing is in place, this might further avert this issue.
  6. Login details (6/1/2014) – if you are having problems with your login details please utilise the “contact us”. We are unable to respond to individual requests if contact details are not provided.

We further apologise for the need to have a username and password to access the site.  This will eventually be removed as soon as the site is completed and ready to be made freely available on the WWW.  In the meantime, logins will make it possible for us to track and fix issues, as well as collect statistics on usage and future needs.  This information is invaluable for the future of this project and will help us gain future funding to continue to maintain and expand the site for all clinicans throughout WA.  We understand your frustration, and hope you will be patient with us during the development period.